Letterpress Posters

These handcrafted letterpress posters were created by Firecracker Press in St. Louis for the Trees Work campaign. Made from Missouri wood and other recycled materials, they’re a great example of how Trees Work!

“Without trees. . . hammocks would just be blankets on the ground.”

This was the first poster in the series, created to show you how Trees Work even to make a poster! There are over 44,000 jobs related to the forest product industry in Missouri. Handcrafting these posters is just one such job.

“Without trees. . . hide and seek would just be seek.”

This poster came about by mixing a fallen cherry tree, a bunch of old t-shirts, and some industrious Missourians. It was originally printed on locally-made paper made from recycled t-shirts, using Missouri native cherry woodblocks from trees uprooted during the storms of 2011. The “greenest” poster produced even used ink rescued from an old printing factory.

“Without trees. . . 2x4s would be 0x0s.”

The third poster in the series illustrates how Missouri trees are part of our everyday life, from the frame of our house, to the floor, furniture, and fuel to heat it, too. Missouri’s forests supply us with a huge variety of products we rely on every day.

“Without trees, we’d be up a creek without a paddle.”

The fourth poster in the series came as a result of a contest to come up with new “without trees” slogans. Leslie Stephens from Troy, Mo. came up with the winning slogan, beating out over 1,300 other suggestions.

Keep your eyes peeled for these Trees Work posters in your area. If you know of a public place you’d like to display a poster – a coffee shop, restaurant, community center, bank, library, city hall, church, etc. – contact us at treeswork@mdc.mo.gov.