For Your Health


  • Views of nature assist at the workplace. Employees with views of nature report 15 percent fewer illnesses and feel more enthusiastic and less frustrated than those without a view outside.
  • Hospital patients recovering from surgery who had a view of a grove of trees through their windows required fewer pain relievers and left the hospital a day sooner than similar patients who had a view of a brick wall.
  • Those who commute along tree lined roads remain calmer (lower pulse and blood pressure) and drive less aggressively than those who drive along less treed roads.
  • Park users report urban forests and parks offer a place for reflective thought, resting the mind and creative thinking even better than their homes.
  • Tree-lined streets are more walkable, encouraging more active lifestyles which decreases obesity and improves heart health.
  • Trees reduce noise. 100 foot plantings tall trees can reduce loudness by 50 percent.